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Unsure about whether or not you should file a claim?
Ask yourself these three basic questions.

Cost versus deductible for an insurance claim

1.    Could the cost of the damage repair or replacement be higher than the cost of your deductible? File a claim.

Cost of repair versus insurance deductible
Police report filed for insurance claim
Polie report fo filing an insurance claim.

2.    Has a police report been filed?

File a claim.

Property damage or injury for insurance claim
Injuries or property damage for filing an insurance claim

3.    Was anyone hurt or was anyone else’s property damaged as a result? File a claim.

To help with your claim, please take the following steps:


Step 1 for filing an insurance claim


Step 2 for filing an insurance claim


Step 3 for filing an insurance claim


Step 4 for filing an insurance claim


Step 5 for filing an insurance claim


Step 6 for filing an insurance claim


Check your policy and make sure that what you are filing for is covered.

Take clear photos of the damage from multiple angles.


If you can do so safely, protect the area from further damage by boarding up or covering it with tarps or  plywood depending on if it’s the roof, windows, open stairwells, etc.

Find any pictures you might have of the damaged area before the damage occurred.

In the case of theft, find any receipts for the purchased items. If you don’t have receipts, try to find the make, model and/or serial number of the item(s) stolen or vandalized.

Obtain a police report for theft or vandalism.

Constructive is here to help

Most claims are filed directly with the coverage provider. Click the appropriate link below to file your claim with one of the providers. If your policy is with American National, we will file your claim for you, just click the link below to contact us.

1st Identify Your Carrier

Find your carrier to file an insurance claim
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Have a question?

If you have any questions about how to file a claim, feel free to contact us.

Claims being approved or denied are at the sole discretion of the carrier.  We make no guarantee that a claim being submitted will be paid by the carrier as the carrier has final determination of claim validity.

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