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Things to Know About Filing an Insurance Claim

Eventually, every person files an insurance claim for one thing or another so there are some important things to keep in mind and some steps you need to know. First, it isn’t always smart to file a claim. If the cost of the damages or repair is less than your deductible, you probably shouldn’t file a claim. If you think the damage will be more than your deductible, take these two steps before you file: document the damage and protect your asset.

Take as many pictures of the damage as you can in a safe manner. Use several angles if you can and bright enough light so that the damage is very visible. Jot down notes about how and when the damage occurred, as precisely as you can. File a police report if the situation involves theft or vandalism.

Protect your asset by covering the damage with tarps and plywood where applicable and secure the area against any further damage. Replace and repair any broken or damaged windows or locks as quickly as you can to prevent theft or further damage.

Once you have photos and documentation, file your claim online for the fastest response. You will receive a call from your policy holder and they will schedule a time to review the damage, if necessary. Once the claim is filed, it may several weeks for payment of the claim.

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